Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Resist Trump! Rosie the Riveter Resists and Marches from PAOM

Resist Fist Keep Marching for Democracy Tshirt

Lady Liberty and Old Glory need your voice now! Do you love your country, believe in fact checking, and demand less political corruption in the U.S. Government. Free America with this epic protest tee! If you can survive the American Care Act--Obamacare, twiplomacy, Russian hacking, Trump nominations, and the impending catastrophic destruction due to the presidential Trumpocalypse, you are a courageous red, white, and blue American. Make love Trump hate with this pro-democracy tshirt. Never give up. Never stop. Resist! This epic protest tee shows a human fist, outlined in black, clenched and held upright for justice colored in red, white, and blue. The word "RESIST' is placed at the bottom of the tee graphic. The black font used is the classic KEEP CALM Medium.